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JUUL Electronic Cigarettes Overview: Is It The Best E-Cig Round?

JUUL Electronic Cigarettes Overview: Is It The Best E-Cig Round?

The Juul is a closed vaping system, and it does so fairly excellently. A closed system signifies that you can't use other tanks or juices on the gadget; it's worthwhile to purchase them directly from Juul. This may be very much different from open tank techniques where you can choose your mod, the atomizer you will be using, and the juice that you can be vaping. Nonetheless, this lack of decisions doesn't appear to matter because those that Juul provide are more than adequate.

Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary e-cig:

Earlier than I begin getting way ahead of myself and start blabbering on and on about how I really like this thing, let’s have a fast look at the Juul so you'll be able to resolve if this is the correct product for you.

What’s within the Box?

The Juul is available in a simple, cardboard bundle that has all the mandatory information (usage, warnings, etc.) printed on the outside. Inside the package deal, you will find:

The Juul e-cigarette unit with constructed-in battery
Magnetic USB charger
4 juice "pods"; flavors include Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, Creme Brulee, and Virginia Tobacco. All pods contain 0.7ml of juice with 5% nicotine energy (50mg)
Specs and Options

Tiny form Phix wraps factor simply matches within the pocket
Tight MTL draw that intently mimics the draw of cigarettes
The system has an inside temperature management system; you will not get a dry hit ever
It takes an hour to charge fully and can last as long as 200 puffs
Pods use non-tobacco sourced "nicotine salts"


JUUL Electronic Cigarettes

First off, the Juul is sort of the same measurement as a cigarette, which gives it some familiarity. The assembled machine (the battery and the pod) is just a couple of inches lengthy and just weighs a couple of grams. Nevertheless, in the event you compare it with related merchandise, the Juul is palms down the lightest and most consolationable to use.

The great thing in regards to the Juul Electronic Cigarettes is that it has a very ergonomic design. You possibly can hold it between your fingers pretty much like you would a real cigarette, and it is light enough that you may hold it between your lips if you take a drag. Nevertheless, do take note that the Juul is considerably heavier than the typical cigarette, so it'd fall out of your mouth in case you are not careful.

If you look closely on the machine, you will see a small LED light. This will light up everytime you insert a pod into the battery and whenever you take a pull from the device. You may also use it to check the quantity of battery life the system has left. Just tap the world below the LED light times, and it'll flash in both of three colors: green means it's fully charged, yellow means the battery is around half-full, and red means you must plug the system into the charger as quickly as you can.

Build High quality

The one-piece development of the Juul battery and gadget is spectacular. You'll not even see nor really feel any seams, the end of it's even and sturdy, and it feels sturdy in your hand, in contrast to the opposite e-cigarettes that feel plasticky and hollow. You'll be able to inform that Juul Vapor put much thought into making the gadget because even the magnetic charging dock is of top-notch quality.

Speaking of the charging dock, you just have to place the Juul into the slot, and it'll start charging instantly, not like different e-cigarettes wherein it's a must to unscrew the flavour capsules and then screw the battery onto a USB charger.