Pandu College


Our vision


Pandu College believes in imparting life-oriented and value based education- an education aimed at strengthening the body purifying the mind and sharpening the intellect. It is intended to make the learners aware of the need to cultivate such qualities that would enable them to integrate properly with their communities, the people of the nation and their physical and biological environments. It is so oriented as to help the learners to get exposed to the scientific and technological advancement as well as the economic scenario of the country and the world at large. Such an education will regulate their lives in such a manner as to make them emerge as true citizen of the world possessing the essential human qualities and looking at the broader aspects of life in its absolute sense. They shall be acquainted with the history and culture of the human civilization while remaining at the same time regardful of the culture and tradition of their own native land with which they are so inseparably linked. The bond of unity, amity and fraternity shall thus be strengthened. The students of Pandu College shall be governed by the noble ideals of love, tolerance, sympathy and fellow felling and thus build up their character and their destiny. We have to march forward slowly but boldly and with firm determination to reach that goal.