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Information and Career Guidance Cell (ICGC)

The ICGC came into being on 5th September 2001 with a group of teachers. Mr. K. K. Bora. President of the College GB formally inaugurated the cell on the occasion of College foundation day.



" Choice always involves knowledge. One cannot choose what one does not know….one may stumble into an appropriate occupation by sheer luck, by the wise choice of a occupation require accurate information about what occupation are available, what they require and what they offer…." By- Hop pock

No one can deny that a large amount of accurate, up-to-date information regarding educational and professional institutions like colleges, universities, jobs, training facilities, professional and technical courses, newly emerging occupation, jobs specifications, change in required skills, employment trends, is a vital for choosing any kind of career.

Aims and Objectives of ICGC:

The Cell was established with the following aims and objectives to provide:

1. Information on job opportunities.

2. Information on educational and training facilities.

3. Information on apprenticeship and on - the job training facilities.

4. Information on scholarships and fellowships.

5. Information on trends, pattern and growth of educational, training and employments.

The Cell tries to perform following functions to achieve its aims and objectives:

1. To hold workshops, career talks, career conference, career exhibition, campus recruitment etc.

2. To provide educational and career oriented information.

3. To maintain a database or profile on the students who need information.

Since its inception a number of different activities like workshops, seminars have been organized to provide opportunity of information, entrepreneurship career development of the students inside and outside the college.

Presently a team of members under the co-ordinatorship of Mr. N.J. Bora of ICGC has started working in a very dynamic ways to guide and help the students in different ways.

ICGC has already organised various seminars and workshops during the last session for the benifit of the students. Following are some of those activities.

On 28th Aug 2004 a seminar on "Enterpreneurship Through Computer Education" was held . Mr. M.V. Reddy , Hyderabad , Mr. M.K. Agarwal , Calcutta, Mr. Atunu Roy , Guwahati were the speakers in the seminar.The seminar was attended by a large number of students and teachers.

Semianr on "Personality Development Success Unlimited" was held on 18 Sep 2004. Mr. Sanjay Kedia was the Resource Person in the seminar.

On 1st Oct 2004 a workshop on "Management As Carrer" was held with Mrs. Chandrabali Banerjee, Somangshu Roy Choudhury , Ms. Abhishikta Das as Resource Persons . Large number of students attened the seminar .

"GIS and Remote Sensing" - A semiar was held on 12th Oct 2004. Dr. Rathin Sarma was the Key Speaker in the Seminar.Among all the partcipants most of the students were from Computer Science and Geography Department.

ICGC organised one workshop on "Intensive Job Placement Assistance" for all the graduates along with 2nd and 3rd year degree students of Pandu College on 6th Nov 2004. Mr. Champak Das , Mr. Ranjoy Bhattacharjee were the interviewers .

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